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"Making the decision to get your child help can be a very hard and stressful situation for a parent. Finding someone that truly cares for your child’s development the way you do can be so difficult. I am so lucky to have found Mackenzie. She truly does care and gives it her all. Her first step with us was teaching us the Hanen approach. Learning the Hanen approach truly changed our lives. With Mackenzie’s help we have acquired many tools and techniques to help our little one make a tremendous amount of progress. Mackenzie is always open to listening to our concerns and partnering with us to develop a plan and strategies which are most effective for our child. She has extensive experience and is knowledgeable in a wide variety of techniques. She is always thinking of new ways we can adapt our approach to best meet our son’s needs. I would highly recommend Mackenzie to any parent with a child who needs support in speech and language."


"Mackenzie has brought significant knowledge and growth to our household. During our consultation call she explained she would be teaching and coaching me rather than meeting with Ronan (5 with ASD) weekly, which allowed for non-stop learning. Mackenzie's explanations, teachings and genuine concern, work! The evidence is clear in Ronan's almost immediate improvement. Not only did his speech improve, but better behaviors and interpersonal skills skyrocketed as his communication level has grown. I also very much appreciate her flexibility in scheduling to meet our needs. Please please contact her if you are exploring speech intervention or support. She is a fountain of knowledge and will equip you and your child with lifelong skills. It has been an absolute pleasure working  with her."


"Ms. Shiba is amazing with my five year old son. He is so excited to see her each session and is extremely motivated while working with her. My son has worked with several speech pathologists (military family that moves frequently), and she is definitely one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I also appreciate how she has showed me how I can work with my son in between sessions. She’s given me several resources to use and to look into when it comes to helping my son. She also sends emails after each session outlining what they’ve been working on. I highly recommend Ms. Shiba, she is a wealth of knowledge and a great speech pathologist."


"Mackenzie provides speech therapy for our three boys, and she is amazing! She takes into account each boys' personality, interests, and mood during every session, making their work together both effective and fun. She is always coming up with creative new strategies to further the boys' learning. Mackenzie goes the extra mile. Our boys need more than the typical speech therapy due to their cleft lips/palates. Mackenzie has gone above and beyond, researching and consulting colleagues in an effort to provide the best possible care for our boys. She is kind, diligent, organized, and timely. Mackenzie communicates well with parents, and the kids love her. We couldn't recommend her highly enough!"


"Mackenzie has been working with my son for several months now and we have seen huge growth in his language! His teachers at school are always making comments about how his language is growing! Mackenzie is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me as a mother understand more about gestalt language processing. She has taught me how to help my son in the best way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a very personable, smart, and fun speech pathologist. My son looks forward to all of his appointment with “Kenzie” because she makes every session about him and his strengths!"


"Mackenzie has been working with oldest son for 9 months now and we have seen such incredible progress in his speech development. He enjoys their sessions and gets excited when we tell him McKenzie is coming over that day. He thinks it’s a play date. So now we have her working with our second son as well. We are very grateful to have found someone that helps with our boys speech needs and genuinely cares about them and keeping them on track! She also gave us some great tools we used in the beginning and also gives us tips on how to help them at the end of every session!"


"Mackenzie is AMAZING !! She has so much knowledge, and even assisted my little one with a brand new AAC device at no extra cost to us !! If you're looking for a Speech Language Pathologist - Communication Blooms is the way to go !!"


I highly recommend Communication Blooms! We have been on our journey the last six years to find an SLP that will adapt and provide support/tools that fits our son’s needs. He has multiple disabilities. Mackenzie has gone above and beyond to give us the tools we need to help our son succeed with communicating his wants and needs. She has helped him gain access to an AAC device and is also providing Prompt Therapy. He is making progress in both and we couldn’t be happier! We are truly blessed to have Communication Blooms as part of our team!


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